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If you're looking to hire a freelance writer/editor, you're in the right place! I offer services in the following areas:

  • writing
  • editing
  • copyediting & proofreading
  • resume & cover letters
  • ghostwriting

You may have read  on the blog how I transitioned from nursing to editing/writing to follow my passion for words on paper (or screens!). I find this work extremely fulfilling, as I have the opportunity to work with clients to move them one step closer to accomplishing their goals and realizing their dreams, whether that's through polishing up a resume for a dream job or editing an ebook they've created from scratch! Their success is my success. Because of this, I give my best work to each and every project.

Taking part in your incredible story to write a book, publish a blog post, or just get that essay turned in on time is an incredible gift. I would be honored to partner with you to reach your next goal! Send me a message below with the nature of the services you're interested in and how quick of a turnaround you would like. Then we can get down to the exciting stuff and discuss the details, find a price that benefits us both, and customize the project to your individual needs. 

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Ballpark pricing:

Copyediting: $30/hr
Resume: $25
Resume & Cover Letter: $65

Writing portfolio available at:

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