Day 12: A List of Sadness

Here is a list of things I'm sad about:

  • Not being in Cambodia
  • Missing people in Cambodia - students, friends, church members
  • Missing places in Cambodia - the roads I jogged, the riverside, the church, my apartment
  • Missing the communal way of life in Cambodia
  • Missing the foods!
  • Feeling out of place in America
  • Feeling like I don't know myself anymore
  • Erin and Ross moving from Waco. Erin was my closest friend in Waco. I'm sad I didn't get to say goodbye, as they moved just before I got back to the States.
  • Life group not being the same - without leaders, potentially dispersing
  • Church building not looking the same - I feel like I missed a huge chunk of time and life here
  • Things at work are different. A lot of people I knew transferred, were fired, or quit.
  • Things at the hospital are rough and stressful right now because of the above stated
  • Working as a nurse
  • Missing the stability of everything and everyone being the same at work
  • Missing the house I used to live in and my rooommates and how we did life
  • Feeling alone a lot
  • Politics
  • ISIS, terrorism, the way life seems so casual
  • One of my dear friends recently separated from her husband
  • Being fragile, human, and having such a difficult time adjusting
  • Writing is so hard right now

Much to feel. Much to grieve.